Open every day, serving breakfast and lunch, our cosy café is a relaxed, friendly hideaway with views of tree-lined Tivoli Road and into the working bakery.

Breakfast is all about the magic of the bakery; warm croissants with butter and jam, fruit Danish, bacon & egg brioche rolls, crunchy granola (that we make ourselves) with seasonal fruit and organic yoghurt (that we make ourselves too!).

Lunchtime sees our bread rise to new heights with fresh and delicious sandwich fillings. You can expect to see classics like roast chicken with avocado on sourdough and smoked trout on 100% rye with creamed cheese and fresh horseradish or something a little more left of centre like olive toast with butter bean hummus, pickled spring onion, chilli and lemon.

We’re big fans of seasonal specials, too. In winter, soup is the star of the show and some of our favorites include chicken, leek and bacon broth and spiced pumpkin and chickpea. While in summer, we swap comforting bowls of soup for light and zingy salads such as roasted and raw cauliflower, wild rice, date and rocket or broccolini, zucchini, freekeh and toasted almonds with yoghurt and tahini.

And because sometimes, only something wrapped in delicious, golden, crunchy, buttery puff pastry will do we offer a selection of pies and a good old fashioned sausage roll – all of which of course are made in house, from filling to pastry.

Our drinks are simple but delicious, too. We offer Espresso and Cold Drip coffee from Small Batch Roasters in North Melbourne, while our refreshing sodas are house made.