Work with us

We’re a tight-knit, hard working and quality-driven team that genuinely loves what they do and how they do it.

Life at Tivoli Road Bakery is relaxed, positive and educational – with lots of learning and mentoring on the job. Our bakers work together with factory-like precision but with the utmost care, passion and a shared philosophy that the best breads are made from just water, flour, salt and wild yeast.

Beyond our bakers we have team members specialising in cake and pastry work, a savoury chef responsible for the café food and, of course, a friendly and dedicated front-of-house team comprising baristas and floor staff.

Because we’re a small team (and also because its fun to work here!) we don’t often have positions available, however if you’re interested in joining us please drop us a line with your resume and a cover letter outlining what type of role you are interested in to We’re always up for meeting new people who believe they can add value to what we do.