Bread (and more)

Using the purest of ingredients and time-honoured baking techniques, our bread is baked fresh every morning.

The simplest expression of what we do is our stoneground sourdough, which is dark-baked to give it its characteristic crust on the outside and chewy, nutty crumb in the middle. From there we mix things up a little with soy & linseed, spelt & honey, multigrain, fruit and olive breads all available daily. And, although not sour dough-based, our Turkish bread has proved too popular not to make a daily appearance, and at the weekend we add a 100% rye sourdough and treacle and oat soda bread to the range.

Of course, no bakery would be worth its organic flour if it wasn’t willing to stake its reputation on its Viennoise pastries! Our range includes croissant, pain au chocolat, escargot, almond croissant and fruit Danish. From Friday to Sunday you can also get our delicious morning buns – croissant pastry baked in a tin, dusted in cinnamon and orange sugar, and filled with custard.

And because we’re also a café and love all things baked we also have a daily selection of ‘fresh from the oven’ pies, sausage rolls and pasties and delectable doughnuts, tea cakes, muffins and tarts to satisfy any sweet tooth.