Join British born baker Michael James and partner Pippa James as they welcome readers into the Tivoli Road Bakery community.  As a chef who was captivated by the craft of baking, Michael’s first aim is to inspire readers to make nourishing real bread at home and to give them the confidence to adapt it to suit their own tastes. And from there, it’s a whole new world: olive loaf; fruit sourdough; spelt and honey loaf; wholegrain rye and buttermilk loaf; sprouted buckwheat loaf.

As well, across 80-plus recipes, Michael shares the secrets of some of Tivoli Road’s best-loved creations. The treats that Melburnians cross town for: pork and fennel sausage rolls, doughnuts, palmiers, tarts, scones, galettes, exquisite canelés, salads and a remarkably memorable repertoire of sandwiches.  It’s all rounded out with seasonal favourites, including hot cross buns and Christmas cake, plus inventive native Australian flavours such as redgum honey and wattle seed.

Readers will find bakers’ basics and the keys to a good larder, as well as a nod to Michael’s British heritage courtesy of traditional Cornish pasties, saffron buns and Eccles cakes.  Along the way, Michael and Pippa introduce readers to the beloved growers and suppliers that they credit as being so important to the success of their little Melbourne bakery. They explore the native ingredients that are becoming more accessible and widely used, as well as ways to incorporate them into modern baking.

With a fundamental belief that the food we eat shapes our interactions with the world and each other, Michael & Pippa hope that The Tivoli Road Baker will help readers create great food at home to share with the people they love.


Michael James would never tell you he is one of the greatest bakers of his generation,
that would be my role to tell you that. Instead, with a quiet determination and fierce
commitment to quality, sustainability and heritage grains, Michael lets his products do
the talking. Tivoli Road Bakery is the small ethical business all Australian bakeries
should aspire to be.

Ben ShewryAttica

My first impression of Tivoli Road was the humble yet confident generosity of Michael,
Pippa and their team. Clearly, this bakery was more than just one of the best I’d
visited. Presented here: a deep bench of modern and classic recipes, with seasonal
expressions and clear intent to connect community through honest food prepared
without compromise - nothing short of inspired.

Chad RobertsonTartine

Too often, the word artisan is limited to a very selfish badge of honour bestowed by the
baker upon himself. However, in the case of Tivoli Road, it best describes their aim to be
a step in the path our food takes - from the field tothe table - and otherwise let their
baking speak for itself.

Dan LepardChef, Writer

This book is beautifully laid out with simple steps and easy-to-follow recipes - you will
love it as much as I do.

Tom AikensTom’s Kitchen

3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra 3141

Monday – Sunday: 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Telephone: (03) 9041-4345
Email: info@tivoliroad.com.au